Liz Phair.

I was late to the Liz Phair game. Exile in Guyville came out in 1993 and somehow didn’t hit my radar for about a decade. In 2002, when I became a newly divorced single mom, it flitted across my radar and I fell in love. I felt like everything she wrote was a part of … Continue reading Liz Phair.

i. and love. and you.

hands dart like fish. swim. play. settle into place. fingers entwine. seek. graze. push. pull. wiggle toes. search for more. looks furtive. piercing. relaxed. playful. understanding. pleading. slide away. bodies heat and cool. find each other.  pull apart. the space is cold. hearts beat. separate. together. separate. i. and love. and you. three words. unspoken. … Continue reading i. and love. and you.