50 life lessons.

2020. This year marks my 50th year. I woke up without a hangover this morning and thought "well, I've learned some things". Then I wrote down a bunch more things I have learned. I'm not writing this to tell you how to live your life. These are lessons I have picked up by making a … Continue reading 50 life lessons.


I haven't written much this year. Historically, I write something that feels profound about my year sometime in December, and then January comes and wrecks it. I've had a string of rough starts to years, but January 2017 started quite lovely. By February we were back on our "well what strange twists will 2017 have … Continue reading 2017.

Snow. Mortality. And the art of staying open.

There are times my life feels a little . . normal. And there are times it feels like the universe cracks itself open just for me and goes, LOOK LOOK LOOK. Don't you dare forget how magical this is. I don't believe in coincidences, everything is connected by invisible threads. You can chose to see … Continue reading Snow. Mortality. And the art of staying open.