Silly simple chicken recipes for my friends who don’t cook.

I have friends that don’t cook. Which was really fine until this virus came around and forced us all inside. I didn’t cook either for a long time. Then I got divorced from the cook in the family and I had to feed three children. All of the “recipes” below are super easy. These were … Continue reading Silly simple chicken recipes for my friends who don’t cook.

50 life lessons.

2020. This year marks my 50th year. I woke up without a hangover this morning and thought "well, I've learned some things". Then I wrote down a bunch more things I have learned. I'm not writing this to tell you how to live your life. These are lessons I have picked up by making a … Continue reading 50 life lessons.

i. and love. and you.

hands dart like fish. swim. play. settle into place. fingers entwine. seek. graze. push. pull. wiggle toes. search for more. looks furtive. piercing. relaxed. playful. understanding. pleading. slide away. bodies heat and cool. find each other.  pull apart. the space is cold. hearts beat. separate. together. separate. i. and love. and you. three words. unspoken. … Continue reading i. and love. and you.