i. and love. and you.

hands dart like fish. swim. play. settle into place. fingers entwine. seek. graze. push. pull. wiggle toes. search for more. looks furtive. piercing. relaxed. playful. understanding. pleading. slide away. bodies heat and cool. find each other.  pull apart. the space is cold. hearts beat. separate. together. separate. i. and love. and you. three words. unspoken. … Continue reading i. and love. and you.

Rivers and Roads.

The last month or so, I've had a bunch of stuff swimming around in my head, my heart. Thoughts of impermanence, loss, life, meaning, past, present, future. Relationships, job. Children. Friends. People you know, people who dig deep, and people who leave. Life is a trip. Literally. I started my day today at an Estate … Continue reading Rivers and Roads.