dont be afraid of change. embrace it.

accept that fear is a good thing. it enables you. see above.

reinvent who you are. quit defining yourself in absolutes.

create something every day. nothing helps you move forward more than creating something. plant a seed. paint a wall. write. take a picture. say something nice. smile at a stranger. dont be afraid to try.

if its not working. change it.

your attitude defines everything. black is a cool color. its also the absence of light. think about that for a second. what grows in the dark? mold and those creepy ass fish that live on the bottom of the ocean. they might serve a purpose but no one pays for a tour of the sand colored fish with creepy eyes.

belly laugh. dont be concerned if people stare. they are just jealous.

leap. then figure it out.

manifest. cliche? possibly. but no one achieved anything by sitting there afraid.

recognize that no matter your circumstance, your history, your childhood, your choices, YOU decide every day what the next day brings.

recognize that the next day might throw you a curve ball you didnt expect. that might feel like it is setting you back. but is it? or is it a lesson to learn from, and grow from.

are you in the same spot you were last month, last year, the year before that? thats called STUCK. see above.

there is surviving. and there is living. treading water gets you no where. splash around. it might be ugly but its better than just staying alive.

this is the type of message i’ve read in a 1000 different ways, and mostly i’d want to slap that person and say “but you dont GET it”

yes. i do.

be brave. let go. move on. the past gets you no where.

seek the light. if you keep moving towards it you’ll find what you need. or youre dead. either way. no need to keep struggling right?

oh. and listen to this:




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