6 years.

6 years ago today my last long term relationship ended. It was really sad, and it wasn't my call, but I completely agreed with him. For awhile we stayed friends and after awhile we weren't anymore. There are still days I want to pick up the phone and call Chris and tell him something about … Continue reading 6 years.

Rivers and Roads.

The last month or so, I've had a bunch of stuff swimming around in my head, my heart. Thoughts of impermanence, loss, life, meaning, past, present, future. Relationships, job. Children. Friends. People you know, people who dig deep, and people who leave. Life is a trip. Literally. I started my day today at an Estate … Continue reading Rivers and Roads.

Snow. Mortality. And the art of staying open.

There are times my life feels a little . . normal. And there are times it feels like the universe cracks itself open just for me and goes, LOOK LOOK LOOK. Don't you dare forget how magical this is. I don't believe in coincidences, everything is connected by invisible threads. You can chose to see … Continue reading Snow. Mortality. And the art of staying open.