the universe gave me a sister who is in many ways my opposite. she tall and leggy with dark eyes and dark hair. her brain is at least 2x larger than mine. shes slacks and sweaters and diamonds to my jeans and beer shirts and chucks. shes country to my city.

the universe also gave me a sister who is in many ways my mirror. i can throw her all my crazy and she mirrors back sanity. i can tell her any truth or ugly or fear or sadness in my brain or heart, and she will reflect back insight, empathy, comfort and hope.

she understands when i’m standing in the bell-tower and walks me back down the stairs. and it doesnt scare her, because its her bell-tower too.

she understands my road and i understand her. for as different as they sometimes are, they are also very similar. in my moments when i feel and am, very alone. she is always right there.

i’m sorry i tried to kill you a few times sis. i love you. thank you. 

(i’ll loan you The Bell Jar so you get my jokes)


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